CABV #005 Mobile Video Must Haves Pt. 1

Learn the Mobile Way

Click here to subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher Mobile video production is coming of age thanks to high quality smartphone and tablet video, apps, and accessories. You've probably whipped out your device of choice at one time or another to capture a family event, a unusual moment, or at a … [Read more...]

CABV #004: Kris Simmons – Building a Super Profitable Video Business

Kris Simmons helps newbie producers

Click here to subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher Kris Simmons knows corporate videos, and how to find clients that will pay big bucks. He's the founder of SixStrongMedia, an author, and he coaches producers and video business owners at KRE8Insights. Kris has been in the coaching and video … [Read more...]

CABV #003 Surviving the Dreaded Edit


Click here to subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher Editing is one of those things that you either love, hate, or tolerate. It sounds so exciting because it's the part of the production process that makes your video sizzle. You can really make magic, if you don't get so frustrated that you want to … [Read more...]

FREE Mac Editing Software

Wondershare is giving away unlimited free copies of its editing software for Mac valued at $49.00. The giveaway ends today (4/7), so don't wait. This is a basic editor that is good for recording webcam videos, and editing short clips together. … [Read more...]

How to Design a Cool Video Background (Set)


Have you ever looked at a video and something just wasn't right about it? Maybe the background was cluttered or there was an object on screen that was distracting, or maybe the setting just didn't match the subject matter. Whoever created the video didn't give any thought to the set or … [Read more...]

CABV #002 Video Novice to YouTube Star – Mark Watson Interview

Mark Watson

Click here to subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher How do you take your passion or hobby and build a video business around it? How do you make creative videos that simply review products and attract thousands of viewers? That's what we asked Mark Watson, AKA Soldier Knows Best in this, "Cook … [Read more...]

Free Video Editing Program Software Giveaway [Wondershare]

Image Courtesy:

Has this ever happened to you? You have a great idea about a visual story that you want to tell. You take the time to shoot some video, maybe you sprinkle in a dash of an interview of two, but then for some reason, you don't do anything else. The raw footage just sits there on your drive taking up … [Read more...]

CABV #001: Amani and Chip Podcast Introduction

Cook A Better Video Podcast

Click here to subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher We've been talking about creating a podcast for over a year, and we are pleased to announce that our new show called, "Cook a Better Video," is now available for your listening pleasure. Each episode will cover a different video production topic, … [Read more...]

The Web Video Chefs Survey


Click here to fill out our survey. Amani and I spend a lot of time thinking about and crafting content and tutorials. Big things are on the way at Web Video Chefs; we're working on some updates to the blog and Learning Center, and you'll be seeing more updates (and better ways to keep track of … [Read more...]

Video Chef Success Story: Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

Hard Body Outdoor Fitness

For small business owners and entrepreneurs video can be a powerful tool. From promo videos, to content marketing vieos, or simple vlogs, the kind of content that can be produced is numerous. There's never been a better time to produce DIY videos because the production tools are more affordable … [Read more...]

How to Share a Private Video


There will come a time when you may not want the world to see a video that you've produced on a site like YouTube. Maybe it's just a draft, maybe you only want to share it with a few people, or maybe the video is for a client and you just want their feedback. It's a situation that one of our … [Read more...]

RØDE Video Mic Go Review


  If you own a DSLR you are looking for an audio solution. If you are a frequent reader of WebVideo Chefs we are a big fan of RØDE microphones. We use them on all of our productions and tutorials.  In the video below I compare  three microphones: RØDE NTG-2 RØDE Video Mic Pro RØDE Vide … [Read more...]

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